Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Ofisa Mkuu wa masoko na Mahusiano wa Vodacom Tanzania Mwamvita Makamba akisalimiana na wagonjwa wanaosumbuliwa na ugonjwa wa festula waliolazwa katiaka hospitali ya CCBRT jijini Dar es Salaam, baada ya kuzindua kampeni ya MOYO inayolenga kuhamasisha jamii kuchangia fedha kwa ajili ya kusaidia wanawake wenye matatizo ya ugonjwa huo. 
  fisa Mkuu wa masoko na Mahusiano wa Vodacom Tanzania Mwamvita Makamba,akiongea na waandishi wa habari wakati wa uzinduzi wa Kampeni ya MOYO,inayolenga kuhamasisha jamii kuchangia fedha kwa ajili ya kusaidia wanawake wenye matatizo ya ugonjwa wa festula hapa nchini,kulia ni mmoja wa wanawake alietibiwa ugonjwa wa huo katika hospitali ya CCBRT Stella Nzyemba.
Vodacom and CCBRT launch a major public campaign against obstetric fistula with the aim of collecting  one billion (TZS) to enable women suffering from fistula to get free treatment.

Vodacom Tanzania, in collaboration with CCBRT, has last week launched a MOYO (heart) campaign that aims to raise more than a billion Tanzanian shillings from the public to support maternal healthcare for women suffering an obstetric fistula in the country.

Every year in Tanzania, an estimated 3,000 women develop obstetric fistula, a condition caused by prolonged or obstructed labour. Due to a lack of adequate maternal health facilities, the baby often dies during the labour and many of the mothers are left suffering from incontinence.

"This is yet another initiative by Vodacom to support solving problems that exist in the communities as part of a company's commitment to see people living better life", said Vodacom Chief Officer of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Ms. Mwamvita Makamba, during the press launch held today in Dar es Salaam.

The MOYO campaign will raise funds from Vodacom customers and the general public. Contributions will be channeled through Vodacom M-PESA and will be used to cover free treatment to affected women at CCBRT's Disability Hospital in Dar es Salaam and its partner, Selian Lutheran Medical Centre, in Arusha.

"It is not unusual for women suffering from fistula to be unable to have children, which in combination with incontinence can lead to ostracism from the family and society. These women are some of the poorest individuals in the community in which Vodacom operates; hence they need our support and humanity", said Ms. Makamba.

Ms. Makamba added that the condition costs the lives of our beloved mothers, sisters and friends, and strips them of their happiness, confidence and dignity. It bring loneliness to them and sometimes their husbands run away from them amidst severe physical and psychological challenges. Vodacom and CCBRT want to do more. The goal is to make a difference to the women suffering from fistula in Tanzania by 2016 and eventually make them and everyone smile as the campaign aims to change lives.

The MOYO campaign is the biggest health campaign to be initiated by any communication company in the country to address a specific challenge. It therefore reflects a true Vodacom commitment towards changing people's lives through mobile telecommunications technologies.

"I and my company are very optimistic that everyone will take interest in, and hence contribute not only because women are important people in the family and community at large but also because we must ensure their dignity and decent living conditions regardless of their income status," added Ms. Makamba.

Since 2010, Vodacom Tanzania has been in a partnership with CCBRT using mobile technology to remove the barrier of travel costs, enabling women to get the treatment needed using the M-PESA money transfer system.

CCBRT has appointed a series of ambassadors around the country who, when they diagnose women with this condition, can recommend them to the hospital for surgery. Within the hour, a date for the surgery is sent to the ambassador via SMS and money to cover the costs of travel is also sent to the ambassador via M-PESA.

CCBRT Chief Executive Officer Erwin Telemans expressed his profound gratitude to Vodacom Tanzania, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and other stakeholders for their commitment in the fight against obstetric fistula.

"The project we are launching today, in which CCBRT is partnering with Selian Lutheran Medical Centre in Arusha and other health facilities in the country, aims to facilitate the treatment of over 8,000 fistula patients during the next five years', Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Erwin Telemans explained.

He added that, in the developed world, fistulas are caused by surgery, malignancy, radiography or a combination of all three; but, in the developing world, the most common causes are obstructed labor, poor delivery conditions , unskilled Caesarian sections and female genital mutilation. Mr. Telemans urged the Tanzanian community, the Government and other stakeholders to tackle these issues in order to end the suffering caused by fistula.

The M- PESA initiative has so far enabled the treatment of over 600 women with fistula, and the target is to treat per year 1,000 such women at CCBRT and a further 250 at Selian Hosipital in Arusha by 2013 with all treatment free of charge.

CCBRT and Vodacom call upon all stakeholders to restore the dignity of all Tanzanian women who are suffering from this treatable condition.

Remember: by empowering a woman you empower the community!

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