Wednesday, February 1, 2012

After Publishing the story of her sleeping with a married man, this is what Kola Boof reply to me!!

KOLA BOOF responds to Bloggers 
about sleeping with a married man 
and Kimora Gossip drama.

For you at BOSSIP, at Lipstick Alley, at Linda Nigeria and all you one-sided BLOGGERS, here is Kola Boof's detailed (A-Z) response to your Kimora Lee gossipfest. 
(A) NIGGER "blogs" that hate African women think that consistently posting the worst photo they can find establishes what said woman looks like. NOT.

(B) Black Americans don't know SHIT about beauty. They think a Fat-faced ASIAN who looks like the "Winking Snail" they serve at Benihana automatically equals cute. To their self-hating black asses, she's "beautiful" just because she's not black, just because she's light and other. To her fellow Asians, she's a fat pudgy-faced reject who went to the Black community because niggerstock think anything Non-Black is automatically cute---no matter how "out of shape" and "flat assed" it is.

(C) Men compliment Kola's huge natural breasts, 50-inch legs, nice shapely ass & her dazzling Egyptian cheekbones. HER FACE is striking Men claim. She has amazingly beautiful soft cocoa
skin.  When she walks down the street (at 6 feet 2 inches tall)...people call her "Nubian Goddess."
Because she actually is.

(D) Kola Boof is "vaginally infibulated"---so her pussy is outrageously TIGHT. He complains how 'loose' & fleshy the other girl's is. Can't get traction.  Maybe Cabbage Patch-face should get that
Bubble Gum  twat of hers tightened back up.

(E) Sometimes men MARRY for reasons that are strategic, not romantic. The Ex-Girlfriend they loved "freaking with" in happier days.... becomes part of the P.R. arranged marriage.

(F) Powder Princesses love to gossip & *START* shit. But they cry like babies when someone
is bold enough to call their BLUFF in public.  It shocks them when the shit they started turns into
a Boomerang.

(G) You were fucking my man when he was **MY BOYFRIEND** it's okay for me to fuck
him now that he's your husband.

(H) African Men always an African Pussy. It's like radar. Your Korean mother found that out didn't she? Your own dad is fucking Black women now.  So why you feel superior?

(I) ASIAN women who marry Black men are often very Racist. They say racist shit...that makes Women like me come back for revenge later.

(J) Sometimes a Black woman fucks a man she doesn't like anymore...just to annoy his wife.
It's called revenge.

(K) Powder Princesses need to learn...that if you don't START won't be none. Black Bitches will shut your shit down without a second thought.

(L) The ASIAN lady's NIGGER TOES (Black American bitches who stan for Ms. Benihana)...are nothing more than "Black Maids," wallflowers straining to defend her. They are pitiful and always
relegated to the background in life.  As her dutiful Maids, they attack an African woman without
even knowing the Years-Long history.  I give not a fuck about a Nigger bitch's love for those I

(M) If you don't like KOLA BOOF, get on your knees and ask GOD if I give a fuck. Then go to church and LOCK your pitiful ass inside.

(N) Biracial & MIXED Women who **THINK** I'm against them for being biracial/mixed.....are in reality Colorstruck Racists underneath.  They benefit from Colorism and fear a powerful African
woman like myself who isn't impressed by them being 2% mattress fucks with light skin.  They
fear that they will lose their benefits...they are also intensely JEALOUS of authentic Black women
because it's our identity they try to steal and covet.

(O) People who think the "TRUTH" is crazy, insane & crackish...are usually Cretins who can't handle the fucking truth. They fear confrontation and reality.

(P) Sometimes you fuck a man that you don't like anymore....because that DICK is too good to leave alone. And you despise his racist Wife.

(Q) Kola Boof, aka "Kola Wetmouth" is probably the best dick-sucker on American soil. That goes with her bodacious body. She enjoys sex. She is also one of the most ACCLAIMED literary writers
in America--praised by The Boston Globe, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist and chosen by Librarians
of America in 2011 as one of the best novels of the year.

(R) Kola Boof is not one for "Shame." She owns all that she has done in life. Her mistakes & bad personal traits are embraced. NO SHAME.

(S) Kola Boof has never "loved" Osama Bin Laden. She did not WILLINGLY choose to be with him. She was a model-actress 20 yrs. ago in her native North Africa & was taken by force.

(T) There is no such thing as "DATING" in the Arab Muslim World. Women have no rights & need protection. Osama Bin Laden took over Kola Boof's life and kept her for 6 months at La Maison
Arabe.  There was no "love story." Kola Boof had to survive and that's what she did.

(U) Kola Boof has dated many famous men. Anyone can GOOGLE her life story. But Kola Boofis judged by a different standard than other famous women are judged.  What's cute and celebrated
about Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and other WHITE women is overly-demonized in Kola Boof.
The nerve of that African immigrant bitch thinking she's hot and thinking she's cosmpolitan. Why
would any man want her?

(V) Kola Boof is strikingly beautiful. She is not "out of shape" or shaped like a bread box. Kola's ass is not flat. Kola's pussy is TIGHT.

 (W) Kola Boof gives not a fuck what AMERICAN BITCHES think of her ribald truthful bluntness. She gives not a fuck about GOD & CHURCH.

(X) KOLA not one for PRETENTION or "fake manners & mores." Kola Boof is loving, kind & down to earth. But don't fuck with her.

(Y) Kola Boof loves all human beings of every type. Kola is a nice lady. But Kola will give you...what you give her. Kola is no one's victim. Kola does not go "in back"--Kola is not the maid or the 
wallflower.  Kola disrespects those who disrespect her. Kola is a free woman.

(Z) KOLA BOOF...will kick your motherfucking ass. Or die trying. She thinks the world of herself.
She is not crazy. She has good damn sense. The lies that are continuously perpetuated about
Kola Boof by weak, ladylike gossiping bitches need to stop.


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this woman is crazy, i bet Osama did something with her brain

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she is a crazy a** b@t$h