Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unforgotable day "Christina Aguilera's"

Was what happened to Christina Aguilera's when she was invited to sing  at Etta James' funeral service something a woman to be proud of? the first time i saw her pictures with blood on her legs i felt so sorry for her,i am not proud of what happened, and thats why i will not put any picture of her with that blood in my blog.What happened to her can simply happen to any woman.what are we telling men by putting her pictures showing her beautiful legs with blood?  no one knows what happened to her,no one knows a damn sure no any woman in this world would want something like that to happen to her in-front of cameras,and i am sure if that situation could be happening to men that a man has to go through a circle we would have seen some things we never wanted to see, so stop publishing what happened to her as if (for men)you have ever walked on our shoes even a step, and women please stop talking about it as if you are proud of what happened, as if it will never happen to any woman,as if you know what she was going through!! for me, i am just concentrating on  what a fabulous voice she has!!
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