Friday, November 11, 2011

Prince Harr's girlfriend say no to Harry kiss and tell

For seven years, their relationship was marked by passion and tantrums, but it ended without the wedding many had longed for. 
Indeed, almost to the day his brother was exchanging his marriage vows, Prince Harry was reconciling himself to life without his firecracker girlfriend Chelsy Davy.
But while the romance may have gone out of their relationship, the loyalty hasn’t. Chelsy, I can reveal, has turned down a big-money offer to write a kiss-and-tell book about her royal love match.
The story begins in the aftermath of their breakup, which followed Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton in April. It was then, as she surveyed the extraordinary spectacle at Westminster Abbey, that Zimbabwe-born Chelsy decided their romance was doomed.
According to friends, she realised that the life Kate was embarking on as Duchess of Cambridge was not for her.

And, remarkably, when she confided in Harry, the Prince accepted her argument and agreed she should call time on their relationship.
While Chelsy was initially taken aback — she expected him to talk her out of it, says a friend — she was quietly pleased. Now I learn that in the months since the split, the blonde, who has recently begun work as a trainee solicitor with City law firm Allen & Overy, has been offered a ‘phenomenal’ sum to spill the beans. 
But she has told friends that she will ‘never, ever’ speak about her romance with Harry.
Not only has she no need of the money — her father is a multi-millionaire — but Chelsy still feels an overwhelming loyalty to her former boyfriend, despite the fact that both have been linked romantically with other partners.
Chelsy was Harry’s first love and given unprecedented access to his life in the heart of the Royal Family.
‘Her story would be sensational, but she has vowed never to sell it. She just isn’t that kind of girl,’ said a well-placed source.
Since their split, Chelsy has been linked with Harry’s pal, property developer Taylor McWilliams,  and Jamie Richards, the son of Aston Martin boss David Richards, while Harry briefly romanced underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. 
‘William’s wedding put everything in perspective for Chelsy,’ I am told. ‘She realised what life in the royal world would entail for her and she wasn’t keen.’ 
Her parents, meanwhile, are understood to be relieved that their daughter has called it a day with Harry.

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