Friday, August 19, 2011

Wife say "I am kicking Jose Chameleone out of our Shs 500m home"

Troubled star singer Jose Chameleone Jaffar Gaddafi has broken his silence, 98hrs after converting to Islamic faith. In a breathtaking interview with Red Pepper at his home in Seguku, Entebbe Road, the sensation singer said he he greatly regrets his conversion to Islam.
"I was only supposed to attend Juma prayers and that's all. At least Daniella was even aware of this. But I was misguided misled and misled by the attention I received when I got the mosque.
I ended up reciting the Shahad, a prayer that converts someone to Islam," he said with misery written all over his face. He insisted he will sit down his family to try reaching a common ground.

"I still love Daniella and I aren't divorcing yet. I can't go forward without Daniella," the renowned singer said. Snoops decided to raid his home after numerous failed calls. He blatantly refused to pick all the calls but what also surprised snoops was that he had changed his caller tune to Judith Babirye's Mukama Wanjagala.
Chameleone said he was ready to do anything for his family and music career. He revealed that he was under pressure from his dad who said he had nothing to do with Jaffar Gadaffi. "My dad only want to talk to me only when I'm Joseph Mayanja,"
"I know the whole thing didn't go out well with Daniella after the Friday debacle. But we are still in love and planning to move on together."
Daniella Atim, the wife of singer Jose Chameleone, has ordered him to leave their marital home in Seguku and is consulting lawyers to file for divorce. Daniella's order follows Chameleone's conversion from Catholicism to Islam last Friday at a high priofile function at Kibuli mosque that was witnessed by Prince Kassim Nakibinge, the godfather of the Kibuli faction.
A distraught Daniella told Red Pepper last night that she was kicking Chameleone  out of their Shs 500m home in Seguku on Entebbe Road. The storied house has a recording studio worth Shs 100m and a big compound. The two have been married since 2008 and have two children Alfa and Abba.
Daniella also said she is talking to prominent divorce lawyers in town to explore a possibility of filing for divorce. A change fo religion by one of the partners is a powerful ground for divorce: Daniella would push 50:50 split of the couples assets and Chameleone's future earnings.
Chameleone owns  Coco Beach on the shores of L.Victoria, estimated at shs 800m, a cadillac Escalade worth about Shs 200m, a super custom (Shs28m), a convertible BMW(Shs40m), a premio(Shs8m), an Ipsum (Shs14m), a landcruiser VX(sHS 120M), among others.
He is said to own an apartment in Arizona, USA and posh house in Kigali, Rwanda. He is the majority shareholder in the Leone Island, a music company.
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