Friday, July 8, 2011

Octomom Nadya and her kids at the airport!!

The most famous mother in America did have some help on hand, but even so, it's a task few parents would envy.

The 34-year-old was the picture of frustration as she herded her brood of 14 through the airport

The children did appear to be behaving themselves, waiting by the security screening conveyor patiently and accepting bottles of water from their mother to sip.
Some of Nadya's older children took the octuplets hands' to ensure they didn't scamper off.
n fact, apart from Suleman's clearly frazzled appearance, the situation seemed rather under control, compared to the nightmare a US tabloid claimed Octomom had spoken of in a recent interview.Suleman has slammed In Touch magazine's supposed interview, where she is claimed to have said her octuplets 'disgusted' her and described her older children as 'animals.'
Speaking this week to ITV's Lorraine Kelly from LA, Nadya said: 'I would die for my kids, I love my kids, they’re my life, and I love them more than anything I’ve ever known.
'I don’t know where they got this information, obviously it’s all fabricated and it’s sad.'
'I’ve never ever given an interview with In Touch magazine – I believe that was the American tabloid. I was the last to hear about any of this actually, I don’t watch TV I don’t have internet.
She added: 'I did an interview with The Sun – that was about a month ago, that was a tabloid. They came to the house and I do have a little bit of a dry, sarcastic twisted sense of humour… I think the only joke I made reference to was I do the forty miles a week on a StairMaster, I climb, that’s my survival or I’d be suicidal, and I was joking.
'I shouldn’t have joked liked that, but If you know me that’s the way I kind of joke, unfortunately.'
Asked if she plans to sue In Touch, Nadya said: 'They’re making this up and suing is a process, it would monopolise quite a bit of time and energy and money, so I need to just keep moving forward as I have been doing and stay strong.
'I realise I must ignore these claims, they’re erroneous, and they’re false. This is not the first time - ninety-five per cent of what has been said in tabloids, especially in America, have been lies literally pulled out of thin-air.'

Addressing the alleged quotes that she locks herself in the bathroom for hours to escape her children, Nadya said: 'I do not lock myself in anywhere. If I’m lucky, when they’re all sleeping in the middle of the night, I can get a five minute shower – that’s if I’m lucky.
'In regards to my children, I love and adore every single one. They are my teachers I learn more from my kids then I have any professor in all my life.'
'I am fully capable of raising very extraordinary, brilliant and healthy children… I never said the word animals but I joked and said maybe little Tasmanian devils, running around, taking over the house. And again, it’s a sense of humour. What the heck, do I stop being me?'

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