Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Ryan is going down, Now a third secret lover!!!!!!!!

When Giggs is battling to save his four-year marriage to wife Stacey and has taken her and their two children to a secret holiday destination,A third woman is set to claim she had an affair with Ryan Giggs that ended only on his wedding day.
In the latest blow to the Manchester United star’s reputation, the unnamed woman is expected to join his sister-in-law Natasha and reality TV star Imogen Thomas in branding him a love cheat.This was no one-night stand,’ a source close to the woman said yesterday. ‘The two of them had a lasting relationship which went on for two years. It only came to an end when he phoned her on his wedding day to say it was all over.’ 
The third woman and Natasha, the 28-year-old wife of Giggs’s younger brother Rhodri, are both apparently preparing to sell their stories.
The unnamed woman’s alleged affair was conducted while Giggs was engaged and at the time of the birth of his son in 2006. Stacey is likely to fear the emergence of further revelations, because at least one other woman is understood to have had a fling with Giggs during that period.
The woman is said to have enjoyed a one-night stand with the footballer after meeting at one of his favourite bars, the Living Room in Manchester.
It is not known whether she is the woman who reportedly tipped off Natasha a few weeks ago, saying: ‘You’re not the only one who’s been sleeping with Ryan.’
It has emerged that apparently Giggs spoke to a former Manchester United teammate about his private life.
In an interview with a Russian newspaper in spring 2003, Andrei Kanchelskis said Giggs had complained ‘he can’t change his bachelor’s life’. 
‘“I’d like to”, he told me. “I go out with three girls but just can’t choose which one is the best”,’ the Russian added, before clamming up when he realised he had been indiscreet. Giggs went public with his relationship with Stacey in January 2003 when she was expecting their first child.
An eight-year affair with his future sister-in-law is said to have begun that March.
The claims, which surfaced when a gagging order over Giggs’s alleged affair with Miss Thomas was flouted by Twitter users and then breached in Parliament have wrecked the 37-year-old’s family image.
The £80,000-a-week star owes a large part of his £34million fortune to a two-decade deal with Reebok. However the sportswear giant yesterday continued to fail to express its support for him, as did parent company Adidas, a key sponsor for next year’s London Olympics. 
Marketing experts have warned that Giggs’s lucrative commercial deals – he has advertised Swiss watches, phone companies and cars – are likely to dry up.
Woods lost a reported £7.8million in deals with Gatorade drinks, phone company AT&T and business consultants Accenture. Wayne Rooney lost his Coca-Cola deal after his prostitute shame.
Giggs’s sister-in-law, herself a mother-of-two, now faces speculation that Ryan is the father of her four-year-old son, rather than Rhodri, whom she married last September after seven years together.
Rhodri, a delivery driver and part-time football manager, reportedly called his brother and accused him of betraying him and raging: ‘I trusted you and you’ve spent years stabbing me in the back.’

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