Monday, June 20, 2011

Rhodri's divorce battle with wife Natasha might also involve Giggs in court

Ryan Giggs' could become embroiled in a divorce battle after his brother served his wife Natasha with divorce papers.The papers were apparently dropped through Natasha's letterbox a year after the couple first tied the knot and days after she arrived back home after trying to stay out of the limelight.

Rhodri Giggs has hired top law firm Shillings to advise him on the proceedings and has listed his grounds for divorce from Natasha as adultery with 'a man'.
Premier footballer Giggs, 37, has been accused of having an eight-year affair with his brother's wife.
The papers are said to include a statement in which Natasha must admit that she cheated.
It adds: 'Provided you co-operate, it will not be necessary for us to name the person you have committed adultery with in the divorce papers.'
Rhodri is believed to have told Natasha by text message that he was filing for divorce before going off on holiday with friends to the Algarve.
Natasha, who has just returned from holiday, is thought to be considering counter-suing after revelations that Rhodri allegedly had an affair with businesswoman Danielle Healy.
If Natasha refuses to co-operate, the Manchester United footballer could be named in court during the divorce proceedings.
'This will get really messy. Neither side will go away quietly and Ryan could find himself in the middle of it.
There will be no sympathy for Ryan but Stacey is going to have to face more heartache,' a friend of Rhodri's told the News of the World.Giggs, who is married to Stacey, 32, was involved in a High Court battle to keep his identity a secret over an affair he had with reality TV star, Imogen Thomas.
However, his identity was later revealed and his sister-in-law also came forward to say she had been involved with him for a number of years.
Natasha then twisted the knife and revealed how she had allegedly fallen pregnant by Giggs, two weeks before she was due to get married to his brother.
She explained how Giggs arrived on his bicycle and handed over £500 in cash to abort the baby.
Meanwhile Giggs and Stacey are still on holiday at a secret location where they are believed to be trying to save their marriage.

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