Friday, April 29, 2011

mama, is the young me in here?

It can be a confusing time for a child when their mother announces they are expecting another baby.
But Mel B's four-year-old daughter Angel Iris appeared to be entirely embracing the thought of welcoming a sibling into her family as she enjoyed a day out with Mel B and her mother's husband Stephen Belafonte.
The adorable tot was seen kissing her mother's burgeoning baby bump and at one point appeared to be talking to her unborn brother or sister as the former Spice Girls star and Belafonte looked on with delight

. Is there a Baby Spice in there? Mel B's daughter Angel Iris gives her mother's bump a kiss as the singer's husband Stephen Belafonte watches with delight

Adorable: Angel gets to grips with her mother's burgeoning bump as they enjoy a day out at the swimming pool

Time to put your feet up: The pair share a laugh as Belafonte gives his singer spouse a relaxing foot massage

And it wasn't only Angel who appeared thrilled with 35-year-old Mel's pregnancy curves, as Belafonte also struggled to keep his hands off his stunning wife, who displayed her figure in a tiny white bikini.
As well as showering Mel, who is five months pregnant, with kisses and playfully grabbing her bottom, Belafonte treated his spouse to a relaxing foot massage as they sat by the swimming pool while Angel played in the water.
But while everyone else seems to be enjoying Mel's ever-growing figure, Scary Spice has been tweeting fans she is amazed at how quickly her body is changing.
After commenting last week that her bump had 'doubled in size overnight', Mel wrote on her Twitter page today: 'Hell yizzels!!! My bump and my ass have towns named after them now!! Hahaha.'
Curvy: Mel, who is five months pregnant, has commented she is stunned by how quickly her body is changing. But film producer Belafonte certainly doesn't seem to mind!

Mel revealed earlier this year that she is expecting her third child - her first with film producer Belafonte.
Making the announcement, Mel told Hello! magazine: 'We’re really excited. We wouldn’t have planned and waited for four years to have a baby if we weren’t really excited about it and ready for it, even though you can never really be truly ready.'
Meanwhile, as well as using Twitter to update her fans throughout her pregnancy, Mel has also been using the social networking site to end a two-year feud with her family.
The singer is thought to have cut off all ties with her sister Danielle, mum Andrea and dad Martin in 2009 because they disapproved of her marriage to second husband Belafonte
But now Mel has reached out to her family on Twitter, revealing she had spoken to Danielle only a few weeks ago. 
She wrote: 'Hi sis weird press saying we don't talk, when we spoke a few weeks ago, btw @theshed looks amaz herd you have grt buns lol!!!'
Danielle then replied: 'OMG a tweet that is nice but a call would be nicer, I dont have your number LOVE YOU(call mum and dad too) xxx'
Mel later added to Danielle on Twitter: 'So sorry I just texted you and everyone my number, would love to see you if you have time, so proud of you!
Mel was reportedly furious when her family spoke to her about "concerns" over her producer husband Stephen Belafonte, 35. 
Danielle, who has a three-year-old daughter and a four-month-old son, told OK! magazine earlier this year: 'Ever since our family expressed those concerns [about her marriage], we've not heard anything from her. I don't think she even knew I was pregnant. I don't even know if she's aware I had a baby. 
'I don't have her number, I don't know where she lives - I wouldn't know how to get in touch with her. I follow her on Twitter to make sure she's okay.'
But Danielle and Mel's relationship is clearly still a volatile one as, just hours after making up, they started arguing on the networking site.
After they arranged to catch up on the phone, Danielle tweeted: 'Can't believe my sister has stood me up after 3 yrs of waiting for that call.I am devastated and again disapointed beyond belief !!!!!!'
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